In the “early” days of the current rare earth bubble, Pini Althaus and Cove Capital were among the first to recognize what was about to happen to the rare earth and critical minerals sector. Even as prices for rare earths and lithium were fairly depressed at the time of this interview. China is currently the world leader in Rare Earth, and the U.S. is currently producing zero of the rare earths required for defence and for advanced manufacturing. It’s important to understand the differentiation between the different Rare Earth projects because people tend to throw out the word Rare Earth and there are different types of risks you have.

Subsequent to this interview about processing and magnet making capabilities in the US, Pini Althaus, whilst CEO of USA Rare Earth opened the first rare earth and critical minerals processing facility in North America, located in Colorado. Today, this facility can separate all rare earths into individual oxides, separate and process all other materials found in rare earth deposits, including lithium and other tech metals required for chipsets and semiconductors.

And in April 2020, USA Rare Earth acquired the only neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnet manufacturing system in the Americas, formerly owned and operated in North Carolina by Hitachi Metals America, Ltd. This NdFeB magnet plant can produce 2,400 tonnes/year, can be scaled up, and is currently being relocated to Oklahoma in a new $100 million facility.

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