There are a lot of people who are convinced that in just a few short years, the U.S will be powered by completely by fossil fuel-free renewable electricity. EVs will replace ICE-powered cars and win and solar will supplant coal and natural gas to generate all the juice needed. It’s a glorious vision.

Founding Partner of Cove Capital and former CEO of USA Rare Earth states “part of the complacency about mining in the U.S is the reliance on countries like Australia and Canada. “It’s a good strategy to have those agreements, but we have to have domestic mining in the US.”

The problem with domestic mining is that it can take at least a decade to get a new American operation permitted, and often much longer when opponents, environmentalists, or members of nearby community, leverage onerous legal and regulatory requirements to purposely gum up the works.

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It’s more imperative than ever to collaborate with a partner like Cove Capital to help investors incorporate the highest environmental, social and governance standards to ensure advanced explorative projects are executed appropriately.

Cove Capital has extensive experience in bringing the require capital, but also operating experience, including processing know-how, off-take and strategic agreements, and local government support for mining and natural resources sector.

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Cove Capital seeks new innovative technologies that shape the future of our global market. Cove Capital seeks new innovative technologies that shape the future.

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