Safe hands for investment partners.

We provide high quality and senior-level strategic advice to our clients, originating and executing transactions seeking to maximize shareholder value. We are committed to consistently meet and exceed our client’s high expectations.

Licensed in Australia

Cove Capital is AFSL licensed in Australia and receives a constant flow of incoming opportunities in multiple jurisdictions.

Sourcing, Operating, and Invest

Our investments and operations incorporate the highest Environmental, Social and Governance standards. Cove’s proud track record boasts significant returns for our investors and partners.

Malcolm Shippen

Managing Partner

Pini Althaus

Managing Partner

Jason Eveleigh

Chief Financial Officer

Strong Global Presence Supported by Key Partnerships.

Through global collaboration and investment, we transform promising explorative mining projects into successful projects delivering critical minerals and resources to fuel innovative technology across the world.

Boasting significant returns for partners executing strategic agreements and advanced explorative projects across the globe. We are often the favourite partner, as majors don’t enter until projects are well advanced.

How Cove Capital can Unearth Profits.

Cove Capital specializes in investing and operating critical minerals, precious metals, and base metals projects across four continents and is constantly expanding its operations.

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