We invest in more than a promise.

Rare earth minerals and natural resources underpin global infrastructure and material innovation that enhances and maintains our lives. We invest in growth-oriented mining companies where our capital, expertise and capabilities produce significant returns to all stakeholders.

For miners & developers seeking capital.

Exploration & Development Solutions

We specialize in equity investment for explorers and developers pursuing cutting-edge projects. Our goal is to secure the full funding you need to meet your project's equity requirements.

Industry Experience

Experts dedicated to identifying mineral assets that are not only strategically timed and economically viable, but also meet the highest environmental, social, and governance standards.

Project Discovery & Development

We invest in projects that have been technically and economically "discovered" during exploration and development stages, when there's enough data to support an investment case.

Funding from Exploration to Construction

We provide funding from exploration to construction, leveraging our industry relationships to secure the support necessary for you to build and operate a new mine.

Funding new mine discovery & development.

Equity Investment

Our team of global investment experts are licensed in Australia, allowing us to invest in major projects across multiple continents.

Innovative Technologies

We support companies driving sustainability and efficiency through innovative technologies, such as automation and digitalization.

Sustainable Practices

We prioritize sustainable practices and responsible partnerships to ensure the success of our projects and a positive impact on communities.

Focused on Mining

With a dedicated in-house team and a proven track record, we are experts in delivering successful mineral assets in the mining industry.

Co-investment opportunities for growth.

Our co-investment program is driven by strategic partnerships and in-house expertise, delivering funding to portfolio companies for success. With a dedicated internal team, we manage co-investments efficiently, constantly striving for prosperity through capital and expertise.

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