James Hird

Managing Partner

James is currently the founder and Managing director of Euree Asset management. Euree runs a master fund portfolio specialising in multi-asset investments across Equities, Fixed Interest, Property, and Alternative Assets.

He is also a director of Cove Capital ( AFS License Number: 392362)

Previously he was a Board Member and group COO for New York-based Alternative Asset technology platform Qualis Holdings. Qualis housed 30 Alternative Asset strategies across its platform and held a FINRA license. (CRD#: 305935/SEC#: 8-70442). Qualis was sold to the Tifin Group in 2022.

James co-founded the Gemba Group and has served as an executive and non-executive director of the global marketing company The Gemba Group since 2004.

Over the past 25 years, he has combined a professional sporting career, roles at JB Were Goldman Sachs, Gemba, and several successful entrepreneurial ventures in the health, food, tech, financial industries, and data. James has worked with start-ups and early-stage companies in the USA, UK, Australia, South America, and Asia.

James holds an MBA from Insead in France and an Honours degree in Engineering from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

James Strengths

  • Provide clear leadership and vision through periods of significant change and intense business growth.
  • Identify opportunities and develop strategic approaches to maximise value creation in both start up and mature businesses.
  • Effectively use data analytics to deliver meaningful insights that shape strategy and future direction
  • Use sound financial acumen to assess investments and build business models.
  • Build excellent working relationships throughout and outside the organisation, from Board to front-line, engaging key stakeholders – clients, executives, directors, governments, investors and staff.
  • Navigate complex stakeholder, process and regulatory environments to develop solutions and where possible create shared value.